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US Shrink Wrap designs and installs shrink wrap interior protection containments,scaffolding containments, shrink wrap building containments and shrink wrap roof containments. US Shrink Wrap is a nationwide shrink wrap contractor. 

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We provide the following

                 Shrink Wrap Construction Containments

US Shrink Wrap designs and install temporary shrink wrap containments nationwide. Our construction shrink wrapping service can install temporary shrink wrap walls and covers to the interior or exterior of the building. USSW also shrink wraps scaffolding to enclose a building, scaffolding or roof. This keeps silica dust and debris in and keeps the weather out. 
US Shrink Wrap

Interior Protection

US Shrink Wrap can build interior walls any height and length. The walls don't require any framing to support them. The material is installed in a picture frame manner and then shrunk. This greatly reduces the cost of the installation and take-down. On average, interior walls cost $1.50 - $2.00/ SF to install and $.25 - $.35/SF to remove. The interior walls are aesthetically pleasing and very durable.
Doorways can be added for equipment and worker access into the area. 

Exterior Protection

Shrink wrap walls on the exterior of a building allows for a multitude of applications to be performed. US Shrink Wrap can skin a building to allow for heating to pour concrete in the dead of winter. Shrink wrap walls are the perfect solution when the curtain walls are delayed. Temporary Curtain Walls enable the trades to keep working and the project on schedule.


Scaffolding Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrapping scaffolding creates a drum tight Class 1 containment. US Shrink Wrap designs and installs shrink wrap containments for winter, weather, dust protection and interior protection containments. US Shrink Wrap perfected the process for shrink wrapping scaffolding. Shrink wrapped scaffolding is one of the strongest temporary containments available. Shrink wrapped scaffolding when properly engineered and installed will withstand high wind gusts keeping the containment intact and the trades working.

Shrink Wrap Roof Protection

US Shrink Wrap's residential and commercial shrink wrap roof system is the only answer in mitigating a loss when a roof is blown off, or when a wall is down. Blue tarps only last a short while, and do not adequately protect your home and your  valuables. US Shrink Wrap's temporary building wrap containments many times can keep a family in their home, eliminating the costs of relocation, which is also a step in mitigating the losses. Even if the truss system is not in place,
we can contain the roof