Shrink wrap for weather containments designed and installed by US Shrink Wrap, Inc. creates a class 1 containment. Shrink wrapping scaffolding and shrink wrapping buildings creates a winter and weather containment that keeps the trades working. Call US Shrink Wrap for a shrink wrapping quote.
We Shrink Wrap Buildings, Scaffolding and Enviromental Shrink Wrapping
Shrink Wrap is an excellent solution to contain dust and debris on your construction project.  For many contractors it is a requirement to have dust control and health and safety plans .  Building a shrink wrap containment will produce an air-tight barrier which will help to protect the interior of your job site being subjected to external components. 

Shrink wrap for interior protection is ideal for remodeling offices, warehouses and facilities to protect your employees from the dust and debris and keep them working in a healthy environment. US Shrink Wrap creates a True Class 1 shrink wrap containment.

Environmental and Abatement Shrink Wrap Containments

Shrink Wrap Containments as low as $1.25/ sq ft
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Environmental Shrink Wrap Containment

Abatements and Environmental Shrink Wrap Containments