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US Shrink Wrap, Inc. shrink wraps scaffolding and shrink wraps buildings for construction and weather containments
We design industrial shrink wrap containments.
Industrial shrink wrap and fire retardant shrink wrap for sale
US Shrink Wrap Inc's shrink wrapping service, perfected the process to shrink wrap buildings, shrink wrap scaffolding and roofs. Shrink wrap used on construction sites creates an excellent winter and weather shrink wrap containment. Call US Shrink Wrap for all your industrial shrink wrapping needs and shrink wrap containment needs.
US Shrink Wrap, Shrink Wrap for Construction and Shrink Wrap Buildings
No Job To Big
US Shrink Wrap has the shrink wrapping experience and the knowledge to tackle all your shrink wrap containment needs. Shrink wrapping a building and shrink wrapping scaffolding creates a unique work environment for your job.

Shrink Wrap Winter and Weather Containments

Keep The Trades Working
US Shrink Wrap, Inc. designs and installs shrink wrap containments to winterize your construction site and help keep you on schedule. Shrink wrapping a building or shrink wrapping scaffolding gives you the drum tight containment you need. This saves you money on heating and creates a continuous working environment. Don't let the weather delay your project our construction shrink wrap is the perfect answer. Let US Shrink Wrap, Inc. design and install your  industrial shrink wrap containment.

Dust Control / Temperature Control
Forget visqueen and tarps that blow open and blow away. US Shrink Wrap, Inc. creates a true Class 1 shrink wrap containment.  This seamless and drum-tight containment allows natural light in, and stops contaminates from leaking into the environment. Stop paying to have blue tarps put up only to be blown away. We take the guess work out of estimating your containment. US Shrink Wrap's containment will stay in place as a drum tight shrink wrap containment when the blowers are turned on.

Anywhere in The USA
We have trained shrink wrap crews ready to be there when you need us.
Shrink wrap is extremely durable, withstanding extreme wind and weather conditions without flapping, ripping or blowing away like conventional covers & sheeting. Shrink wrap creates a great winter and weather containment.
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