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Let US Shrink Wrap's shrink wrap scaffolding design team design and install your next scaffolding shrink wrap containment. If you need scaffolding shrink wrapped US Shrink Wrap can help.

Shrink wrapping scaffolding creates a drum tight Class 1 containment. US Shrink Wrap designs and installs shrink wrap containments for winter, weather, dust protection and interior protection containments.
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Scaffolding shrink wrap containments as low as $1.25/ sq ft+. Call for a free quote.
US Shrink Wrap perfected the process for shrink wrapping scaffolding. Shrink wrapped scaffolding is one of the strongest temporary containments available. Shrink wrapped scaffolding when properly engineered and installed will withstand huge wind gusts keeping the containment intact and the trades working. US Shrink Wrap
has the needed experience as a shrink wrap contractor to design and install your shrink wrap containment. Home Shrink Wrap Construction Shrink Wrap Training Pictures of Shrink Wrap Buildings and Scaffolding Shrink Wrap Protection for Shipments Shrink Wrap Scaffolding Environmental Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap Scaffolding Protection

US Shrink Wrap designs and installs shrink wrap containments to winterize your construction site and help keep you on schedule. Shrink wrapping a building or shrink wrapping scaffolding gives you the drum tight containment you need. This saves you money on heating and creates a continuous working environment. Don't let the weather delay your project. Contain it with US Shrink Wrap, Inc.

Let US Shrink Wrap design and install your shrink wrap containment.

Dust Control
Forget visqueen and tarps that blow open and blow away. US Shrink Wrap creates a true Class 1 shrink wrap containment.  This seamless and drum-tight containment allows natural light in and stops contaminates from leaking into the environment. Stop paying to have blue tarps put up only to be blown away. We take the guess work out of estimating your containment. US Shrink Wrap's scaffold shrink wrap system will stay in place as a drum tight shrink wrap containment when the blowers are turned on.
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Shrink Wrap Scaffolding
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Shrink Wrap Scaffolding Containments

US Shrink Wrap, Inc.
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US Shrink Wrap, Inc. designs and installs scaffolding shrink wrap containments. US Shrink Wrap perfected
the process to shrink wrap buildings, shrink wrap scaffolding and roof decks.